Very remarkable young love artist

Korea-based artisan Hana Jang utilizes a blend of pencil and electronic painting to make these sweet details. The substantial build-up seems to narrate of younger adoration, blamelessness, and bad luck where the essential topic, a solitary female character, encounters an association with a baffling male figure constructed of gold bubbles. The flawlessly standard line illustrations hand down a splendid energy that streams from the artisan’s pencil and into her unpredictable stories. Jang makes use of a dim dark structure from which textured reds and gold’s appear to bounce off of the page. Direct titles like Goodnight, Moment, or Hug leave much area for translation and Jang welcomes audiences to cook up a wide variety of innovative enthusiastic stories about the happiness, distress, anxiety, and sadness that exhibits from each wistful structure.

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