Really easy Pika rabbit

Meet Ili pika, a to an incredible level tricky , animal that is periodic seen by the eyes of human. Nearby to an extremely remote location of remote regional of China, a fascinating and a quite created pet has been noted an unassuming bundle of times in Tianshan Hills. Later it was nicknamed as ” beauty rabbit ” by several of the volunteers who used to research it, the animal procedures around 20 centimeters long, and it is an away close loved one of the rabbit . It was located and that time it was known as Li Weidong, preservationist who first discussed the dark variety that was undertaking close Jilimalale Mountain . If you are mesmerized to know even more concerning it, glance at the association .

So take a look at teddy bear rabbit right now.

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Rare Chinese Panda


Rare Chinese Panda

All photos by Li Weidong

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